You will be able to establish your own starports and make them public or not, giving your crew a safe location to recover, or hide away at, from your missions.

As a rule, anytime you add an uneeded "...and possible death" to a process it tends to crank the overhead way up. Not impossible or anything but to hide a couple huts and generator somewhere, pick out that large bluey / greeny / browny thing with the clouds and the warmth and the greenery and the volcanoes and all that other stuff that would tend to make my hideout a bit of a pointy thing is a very large pile of former growing stalks.

On the other hand, anything stuck on to a very cold rock which, in reality, is a long way from other rocks, tends to get noticed with relatively little effort.

Remember folks, if asteroid belts looked like the one in Star Wars, they would just be planets.

For an example, refer to Port AvSquadron.