The Northstar will be your consistent vessel throughout the game — somewhat realistically — the wealth required to purchase a Spirit class tradeship or the force required to board and capture a military ship of the line, far exceeds the scope of this game.

Ship Summary
Class Victory
Faction Independant
Status Active
Location Where do you want to go...
NorthStar ship zoomout



The old ship — well in this case your Mother went from being an indy trader on the Northstar to working her way up the ranks of the Hudson's Bay Trade Corporation to the point she was commanding a 2 mile long trade/factory ship touring the frontier when she disappeared — the least you could do is live up to that career arc in her original ship.


You will be modding and upgrading and repairing the ship. Less about tuning and more about improving systems, swapping parts into those systems, crafting other parts, adding modules and pods to increase ship capacity or weaponry, etc etc. Safe to say the Northstar will not look the same at the end of the game as it does at the beginning. Parts in various subsystems will degrade and breakdown. You will be swapping in a cheap generator bypass to keep the ships shields up in the middle of combat.

Keep the faith — Do the work — jury–rig those parts — and the Northstar will bring you home safe every time.


If you want to upgrade your ship — two words — mortgage payments! The great driver of adventure. Your ship will be at least 2 orders of magnitude more detailed than the ships in SotS — both in decoration and systems customisation. There will be armor panels and turret sections and such to add and subtract. It will not ever become a battlecruiser but you certainly will probably refit the ship differently for work along the developed Chains than you would for exploration / trade out in the Big Scatter.

The Northstar does have to ability to have concealed sections installed, as well as the ability to refit the ship according to the specific needs of the mission, though the latter takes time and, if your crew does not have the relevant skills, money.

While you can add rarely found military grade weaponry to the Northstar, the authorities tend to regard such modifications as a prelude to piracy and Naval vessels in particular have strong views on the matter.

Renting facilities to store such upgrades & components when not in use, storing things onboard in your own hold or concealed compartment or even building your own facilities out in the scatter, will all be possible.


The Northstar and many ships in the NorthStar universe will be fully mapped out and explorable.

NB: No final image of the Northstar has been released, all seen thus far are very prototypical images.


The cargobay is 2 stories.

There is a shuttle attached to the ship.

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Northstar uses the Chimera RPG system.
The original author of this Template didn't know anything about Chimera when designing this Template.

Hull Strength 1 to 10
STL Speed 1 to 10
FTL Speed 1 to 10
Crew Capacity 1 to 10
Cargo Capacity 1 to 10
Steerage Capacity 1 to 10
Range 1 to 10

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